About Us

Slapdash Bookstore was launched in May 2019. As a mother and like so many parents out there; we want our children to do well academically. So i went through many educational books since 2012 with all my children's whom are in secondary and primary school. i have had to invest in so many Maths and English books only to realise which books actually have the most positive impact on my children.

I have over the years now collated some of the most useful and value for money educational books that you will find very helpful to teach your child towards the national curriculum, books that they will enjoy, find challenging and engaging.

This was my opportunity to now offer parents like myself the educational books through my online store (Slapdash Bookstore) you no longer have to research through tons of books that you are not sure if it is suitable for your child as its all been done for you.

The selected books in this site will allow your child to be an independent learner, learn the academic skills to progress, and most of all help them perform better in school. 

All the books are based on the British national curriculum and i have been extremely pleased to see the progress and the increased academic enthusiasm from my children whilst using these educational materials.  I am sure you will appreciate these books as your child progresses too. Please do enjoy the benefit of my years of trial and error to bring you some of the best books for children to learn Maths and English.